English-taught Undergraduate Program in International Economics and Trade    Free Consultation

Program Period: 4 Years (Full-time)

Program Starts: September of 2022

Level: Bachelor

Language of instruction: English ( except Mandarin courses )

Degree: Bachelor Degree of Economics

Schools: College of International Education , School of Management Studies

Tuition & Fees

Tuition (per academic year):CNY 20,000

Dorms (per academic year):CNY 1,200 (4 students per bedroom)

Insurance (per academic year):CNY 800


SUES Scholarshipis offered to encouragestudents who are excellent in academicsand extra curricular activities. Scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition fees and comprehensive insurance excludes the cost of materials used and dormitory. Please note annual assessment isrequired in every scholarship winner.

Why studying

This Program takes forward-looking and dynamic international economic and trade theory, methods and practice as the teaching content, Also ,the program forms the professional training focus on operation capability and the international service trade operation ability under the background of globalization, informationization and networking.

By taking this Program,students are cultivated to grasp the basic theory and knowledge of international economy and trade, familiar with international trade rules and practices, and finally to be the international economic and trade application personnel who can engage in practical work in foreign trade enterprises, multinational companies, foreign-related economic and trade departments and comprehensive economic management departments with their professional knowledge system, innovative entrepreneurship and global vision.

Please note students who have outstanding academic performance in the their bachelor’s degree program will be enrolled in SUES master’s degree program directly.

General Studies

Overview of China, Chinese Culture Course, Mandarin, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Mathematics, Computing, etc.

Core Courses:

Political Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting, Finance, Econometrics, Statistics, International Trade, International Trade Practice, International Settlement, World Economy, International Business Law, International Cargo Transport, etc.


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