Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Publisher:万晓旻Release time:2020-11-10Number of views:40

On November 9, CIE organized a Chinese Calligraphy Workshop for international students. In the workshop, the calligraphy teacher introduced the history and development of calligraphy, the tools of calligraphy, and the writing essentials of calligraphy. Then, with the teacher’s help, students wrote the words 海纳百川sea embraces all rivers, which represents the characteristics of Shanghai.


As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, calligraphy is also the treasure of many excellent Chinese culture and art. The study and practice of calligraphy can lead students feel the broad and profound Chinese culture in the fragrance of ink. In the works written by overseas students, the calligraphy teacher encourages everyone to give full play to their own creation and integrate into their own style while maintaining the basic principles of calligraphy. This also reflects the characteristics of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese culture --embracing diversity.

In the workshop, students wrote quietly and experienced the inner peace brought by calligraphy. After the workshop, they expressed their admiration for calligraphy and looked forward to the next cultural workshop.