Chinese Language Program Admission Guide 2022

(March-July Spring Semester, September-January Fall Semester)


    SUES is an engineering-based, economic management, art design and other multidisciplinary penetration of each other, undergraduate education-oriented, graduate education and higher vocational education coordinated development of ordinary institutions of higher learning. In 1985, SUES began to accept foreign students and became one of the first 200 institutions of the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students in 1993. With the internationalization of school education, more and more international students come to SUES to study Chinese. We sincerely welcome foreigners to come to our school and study Chinese.


I Applicants requirement

    Foreigners between the age of 18 and 55; healthy


II Courses and fees

    1.Schedule: The actual plan will be adjusted according to the requirements of school epidemic control.

    2. Class time: Monday to Friday. 9:00-12:10, 13:30-16:30


    3. Subjects list

* There are 12 weeks of cultural courses in each semester.


    4. Programs and tuition


    5. Teaching method and class size: the courses above are delivered online / offline in accordance with the university teaching plan; at least 8 people to start a class. Courses can also be tailored to your needs.




    1.Application fee:400RMB(Non-refundable)


    2.Insurance fee:According to the relevant regulations, students are required to purchase Comprehensive Insurance for International Students coming to China at their own expense at the time of enrollment, with an insurance premium of RMB 800 per year. Information can be downloaded at


    3.Tuition refund provisions: 75% refund of tuition for drop-out before and within the first week of the semester, and 50% refund for drop-out within the second week. Tuition will not be refunded from the third week. In principle, drop-out students will not return to school during the semester. The school shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the visa and residence permit, go through the procedures for the cancellation of study visas for students who drop out of school, and may refund the fee only after completing the relevant cancellation procedures.

    4.Suspension: The application for suspension shall be submitted within eight weeks after the class begins. In principle, those who suspend will not resume school within this semester. The school shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the visa and residence permit, go through the procedures for the cancellation of study visa for students who are suspended.

    5.Accommodation: On-campus accommodation needs to be requested in advance. The fee is 450 RMB/person/month and 2700 RMB/person per semester. Accommodation is subject to a one-time payment at the time of booking and is non-refundable for those who check out earlier during the semester. Basic conditions: 4 people, separate bathroom, air conditioning & Wi-Fi to rent, utilities at your own expense.

    6.Student visa is available for full-time courses.


III Place

    Offline class:Teaching Building & College of International Education Building in Changning Campus

    Online class: Zhumu APP, Tencent and other online class platforms


IV Materials

    Apply on / or


Basic Requirements

    1. Application form for admission

    2. A copy of the passport

    3. Temporary Registration Form for Foreigners (for applicants in China)

    4. Digital photo

    5. Other materials


V Contacts

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Address: Room 408, Building No. 10, 350 Xianxia Road 

    Contact: Ms. Han

    Tel: 61175964