Guidelines for Campus Safety

1. International students must abide by Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and are banned from participating illegal activities, endangering national security of china, public interest and disturbing public order.

2. International students must observe Chinese laws and regulations as well as SUES rules. Criminal and public security cases resulted from inpidual law-violations will be dealt with by judicial authorities of china; violating SUES rules with be dealt with according to relevant regulations.

3. International students are not allowed to engage in alcohol, fights, gambling, drug abuse, dissemination, reproduction, trafficking in illegal books and audiovisual products and other violations of public security management regulations; International students are not allowed to participate in illegal pyramid schemes, engage in activity impacting the image of university students.

4. SUES respects ethnical customs and religious beliefs of foreign students, but prohibits any activities related to missionary and religious gatherings.

5. SUES advocates and supports foreign students and foreign student communities to carry out academic, technological, artistic, cultural and sports activities. But the extracurricular activities of foreign students shall not affect the normal order of education, teaching activities and life.

6. Large-scale rallies, demonstrations, demonstrations and other activities should be approved by legal procedures and relevant provisions. If not, SUES has the obligations to discourage or stop these activities.

7. International students are not allowed to drive motorcycles, electric cars, cars and other motor vehicles without licenses on campus; motor vehicles on campus should be parked in specific area, and driving in low speed is required to ensure safety.

8. International students are not allowed to engage in employment, business or other business activities during their studies. However, they may carry out extra-curricular teaching and learning activities according to relevant regulations.

9. International students should abide by SUES discipline, attend class on time, no absenteeism, and ask for leave if they are unable to attend class.

10. In case of fire, traffic accidents, legal and criminal cases, students can call 021-61175964 or 021-61175974.